BillaWrites offers hand written, elegant script or calligraphy as well as computer generated printing on your envelopes and other pieces.

Return addresses: Printing return addresses that coordinate with your invitation on mailing envelopes and response envelopes is a standard service.

Mailing addresses: When it comes to addressing your envelopes, traditional etiquette says addresses must be handwritten. And many people simply prefer the rich elegance and special touch that calligraphy adds. But either can be a daunting task. So we offer options for addressing your invitations for you.

(You must supply a complete and accurate address list.)

Hand written addresses: If you prefer traditional etiquette and want a very elegant look, then hand written is the way to go. I will hand address your envelopes for you with your choice of styles of calligraphy and script. There are several to choose form. The end result is just outstanding and well worth it.

(Return address - options will be determined per order. They can be printed to match your invitations, hand written-scanned and printed or hand written individually.)

Computer generated addresses: As much as we may love the idea of hand addressing invitations, sometimes it is just not practical. If it's a job you'd rather not tackle yourself but paying a calligrapher may not be in the budget, here's good news. Modern technology helps us bend the rules. While holding on to important tradition of a beautiful wedding, you can take advantage of the tools available at a fraction of the cost. We can computer generate your address list to your envelopes and print them in a lovely script or calligraphy font that looks just as inviting as the hand written version. You may even catch someone looking twice to see the difference, and your guests will be delighted with the neatness and legibility.

(You must provide a complete and accurate mailing list.**)

Other Items: We can also create all the accessories to go with your invitations or any special occasion, using either method above. Place cards, table cards, any enclosure cards, programs, etc. Handwritten place cards and accessories make an unforgettable impression.

Embellish your accessories with decorative motifs and scrolls to make them even more outstanding.

Prices for hand written - from 75¢ per line (Accessories) to $1.25 and up per mailing address. Computer generated addressing varies depending on package. Printing return address or response envelopes are included with some package. Otherwise response and return address are 24¢ to 36¢ envelope.

**Downloading mailing list generally - NO charge. Depending on preparation and type of order, a small fee may be applied for downloading and or editing mailing lists. A guidline will be provided and services are available to help you with your mailing list.

Generally lists should include proper names and titles, fully written streets, states etc. as well as formatting. Basic assistance with editing, formatting etc is available. Suggestions, instructions and guidelines will be provided. There is usually no charge for assistance but "Address Book" and "help" packages are available upon request.

Ask BillaWrites about helping you create a mailing list that you can keep and use again.

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